Less is Indeed More

One concept that I have begun to peruse this year is Minimalism. I started to feel that “stuff” was robbing me of time, joy, money- you name it. There is a documentary on Netflix- Minimalism by Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus – my new BFF’s. So after watching that, I was uber inspired and now have started listening to their podcasts as well. Before I forget to tell you- I highly recommend. Highly. Do yourself a favor and watch, even if you have no real interest in being a minimalist. The documentary is chock full of juicy info that anyone can appreciate.

I’m pretty sure that inwardly my husband has been overtaken with glee- although he has tried not to show it. He has always been a minimalist to some degree, and now that I have begun taking over the family finances, and trying to get back to my old tightwad ways, I’m sure I continually keep his head spinning. I was a free spender when we married. I was always in pain, so convenience reigned over tightwaddery. Also- I was determined that my kids were never going to do without, even if I did. Then…..I decided, I was sick. And had a relatively miserable life. So I wasn’t going to do without either by gollies, when I worked my tail off as a nurse. So I just didn’t think about money. By the time I decided to stop and think about it, which ironically was about the time Darrin and I married, my finances were a mess. All I can say, is that man loves me. I was a physical mess, a financial mess. Every area in my life was truly a mess. Truly. Well, the kids were alive and I had a dog. Darrin likes dogs. I had that going for me.

So – as far as stuff. Things may be inanimate. Stuff is not. Stuff sucks you dry of time, money, energy. It demands attention and other resources. I had to rent storage buildings to contain my stuff. And what I am talking about is not anything that is really worth anything financially. Is it just worth something to me. Drawings my kids made. Doo dads that my parents had, and they are both deceased now (even more reason to keep stuff right? Guilt?). BOOOOOOOOOOKS ….lots and lots of books of all kinds. Homeschool, fiction, non-fiction, marriage (those obviously did not work), cookbooks I mean who uses those anymore!!? And who uses a whole cookbook you could copy the few you do use and keep those out of each book. The money we spent on storage buildings could have paid for our stuff about 20 times. Maybe more.

So what do we do now? Well- I am ebaying everything, slowly but surely. And I’ve made some decent money! I have to go slow, because I’m not doing well; I’m back to daily migraines. But I try to list a few things a day. The postman at the post office always says, “I’ll see you tomorrow!” They are getting used to me now.  I am also enjoying ebaying stuff. It gives me a little something to do to occupy my mind. I was able to take Hubbalicious out for Valentines’ Day- which I was glad to do since hurt his back moving my STUFF!- Yes- really.  My goal is to have everything sold that we want to sell by the end of the year. I also have a debt payoff goal to be accomplished by the end of the year, so these may go hand-in-hand. I have also started taking some “ebay consignment”- in that, if you want to sell some things, I will sell them and you get a percentage and I get a percentage.

Some recommendations: The aforementioned Minimalists documentary with Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Milburn- they just seem like guys you need to know. Also- check out their website! www.minimalists.com. There are some Facebook groups like The Minimalist Life, and just get on YouTube and look up people like Myka Stauffer and Maggy Day. Keep in mind that Minimalism isn’t organizing your stuff, but realizing that its ok to part with your stuff. That you don’t own your stuff, at some point, your stuff begins to own you.  And sometimes, letting go of that, and the rat race that drives it, equals freedom.

Not yet arrived, but still on the journey,

Alexandra P.



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